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Lord Shiva is the Supreme being of Hinduism. He is called in various names in various Indian languages such as Sivan or Sivaperumaan (சிவபெருமான்) in Thamizh, Shiv (शिव) or Mahadev in Hindi. Shaivism, a wing of Hinduism considers Lord Shiva as the Supreme power of this entire universe and above it. Worshiping Lord Shiva is one of the major traditions within contemporary Hinduism.

We have compiled here the variety of Lord Shiva images, quotes, pictures for Facebook status, cover, Whatsapp Dp. Our collection of best HD shiva wallpapers could give you a devotional feeling of worshiping Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is known as the "destroyer" among the Trimurti's. Check out and download our Lord Shiva pictures, Greetings, Photos and share it for your non-commercial purposes.

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Lord Shiva is one of the three primary powers of this Universe, the others being Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu. As per Hindu mythology each of the three "Trimurtis" have their own responsibilities of creation (Lord Brahma), Protector (Lord Vishnu), Destroyer (Lord Shiva). Though Lord Shiva is considered as one of the three "Trimurtis", but Lord Shiva is considered as the Supreme power and all other deities in Hinduism are in one or the other way, a reflection or a part of Lord Shiva. Enjoy sharing the best and colourful Lord Shiva images with quotes.

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